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3/4" Clearance Marker Light

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ECVML750GSR (Short Grommet) ECVML750GTR (Long Grommet) by SoundOff Signal


NEW 3/4" Clearance Marker Light to be Released

by SoundOff Signal

NEW Product from SoundOff Signal (Not Yet Released). But you can be the first to order from Vehicle Lighting Systems. 3/4" Clearance Marker Light to be released within 1 - 4 weeks, order yours today and be the first to have them on your tractor trailer or tow truck in Baltimore, Maryland or the U.S.

Since there has yet to be a release on thisew 3/4" Clearancearker Light, I can tell you little. The light has 3 diodes. 1 diode in the center and one on either side for a total of 3 diodes. The wire will have Bullet Connectors and the Light will also come with a 5year warranty. Other than the White Light with clear lens, Amber and Red only come with colored lens. Pre-Order today & Save 49% for your Pre-Release Special Pricing.