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420 Speaker & Brackets

SKU: ETSS420 $390.00 $226.20 You Save: 42%

ETSS4209B 420 Series Neodymium Speaker w/Universal Bail Bracket (Shown Above)

420 Series Continuous Duty Speaker


  • Designed with clear, powerful output using Neodymium magnet
  • Made with the most reliable and cost efficient 100 watt compression driver on the market
  • Finished in black powder coat baked on epoxy
  • Compression driver is the lightest (56% less) and lowest profile (31% less) of the conventional alnico based compression drivers
  • Perfect choice for tight fitting locations where space or weight is a premium consideration
  • the 11ohm, 2.75" high temperature and environmental conditions. Voice coil is further protected with a special manet cooling liquid that fills the voice gap and provides a thermal path. Produces 10 - 15% more magnet flux density in the voice coil gap.