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Legend Discrete LPX61 Towman's Special

SKU: LPX61D-00017S $1,840.00 $1,122.40 You Save: 39%

Discrete LPX-61 Legend Lightbar - Towman's Special

The Towman's Special just for towing companies and thier drivers. The 61" Legend lightbar has 10 front and rear inboard modules, 4 corner modules and 2 alley modules. This LPX Discrete lightbar is Fully Decked with LED modules. Thats 10 LED modules facing forward, 4 corner LED modules, 2 alley LED modules filled, 6 rear facing LED modules with 2 raer facing LED STT and 2 rear facing LED Work Lights as Pictured Above.


  • Low-profile linear lightbar design offers front and rear cut-off and dimming ability
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circutry), eliminate approimately 85% of potential failure point in a typical lightbar
  • The newly optimized SolarisLED lights maximize signals at 360 and 90 off-axis
  • Advanced microprocessor controller provides three modes of operation and a selection of new pre-programmed flash pattern and two set patterns
  • 5-year warranty