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mPower Fascia

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Item# EMPS2STS mPower™ Stud Mount by SoundOff Signal
Item# EMPS2QMS mPower™ Quick Mount
Item# EMPS2SMS mPower™ Screw Mount

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mPower Fascia is the first extremely compact, tri-color line of perimeter lighting on the market.

mPower Fascia's next generation design and mounting options allow the light to be intergrated nearly
anywhere on the vehicle and is the first tri-color perimeter product offering in the industry designed to
meet the demanding needs of today's amber market, contruction, fire apparatus, security and police
vehicles for true dual and tri-color lighting.


  • Dual and Tri-Color capability
  • Ability to intergrate visually into today's police vehicles
  • Collaboration with Dow Coming to develop ClearDuty™ optical design
  • ClearDuty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenes
    – A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
    – Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
    – Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light housing
    – Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time