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R4 LD Series STT

New & Exciting for 2007!!! The R4 LD Series STT is a product line designed with a lower LED diode count to offer an affordable LED lighting option.Fits standard 4" round body cutouts.Lenses are available with or without center Reflex Reflector.Large reflector cells are specifically designed to enhance light output with safety in mind.Two unique side mounted LEDs boost off angle light distribution for better visibilty and safety.Polycarbonate lenses are durable and shatter resistent to stand up to harsh conditions in the trucking industry. An AMP Sure Seal Connector ensure tight seal.

For a LIGHT THAT IS TRULY WATER TIGHT Model #ECVR44 features an intergrated waterproof flange that has an affixed gasket behind it for a water tight seal. This prevents water from getting behind the light & leaking into the utility body or bus (interior floors, sheet metal), eliminating rot issues associated with water.Recommended for all types of school buses and transit buses and commercial vehicles equipment such as Snow Removal/DOT trucks and great for Refuse/Recycling

Vehicle.Input voltage range: 10 - 16 VdcCurrent Consumption: .50 - .70 nominal ampsNumber of LEDs: 13 Gen II LEDs (Super Flux)Oper Temp: -20 to +65 degrees CelsuisDimensions: 4" diameter x 1 1/4"d (except the waterproof flange which is 1.40" deep)

Certifications:-Stop/Tail/Turn: SAE J585, J1395, J1398, FMVSS 108-Yellow Turn: SAE J222, J1395 & FMVSS